ESD Control Instructor Certification Training


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Course Overview

This interactive training program is designed to educate and certify Trainers / Instructors in ESD Control principles. 

It has been developed by peer-review and technical content experts within the Electronics Assembly Industry, and will provide you with all the background knowledge you need to teach an effective ESD-prevention course for your facility.

Our Training and Certification for ESD Instructors includes the basics of ESD Physics; Handling, Storage & Transport of ESD-Sensitive Devices; Static Producing Activities; Proper Personal Grounding; and ESD-Safe Work Areas. Each section concludes with a thorough set of review questions to help prepare you for the Certification Test.

Instructors who pass the final exam will receive an ESD Instructor Certificate to further their own professional development objectives.

Prerequisites: None

Dates: Open, contact us for schedule.

Contact Hours: 8